Q: Is there anything that I may have in my house that you cannot put in the moving van?

A: Yes.  For a complete list of these items, read our what not to pack page.

Q: Why is the drive time multiplied by two on local moves?

A: We are required to by law, actually.  The idea is that by doubling the drive time, you are paying for the time it would take us to drive back to the original location.  For example, if you were moving from Clovis to Madera, it would cover the time to drive back to Clovis.  This is the only drive time you pay for.

Q: Do you accept debit/credit?

A: For moves and other services provided by DW Ewing Movers, debit/credit payments are not accepted at this time.  We only accept cash, check, or money order.  However, debit/credit is accepted on long distance moves provided through American Red Ball.

Q: Is an estimate an obligation to use D.W. Ewing Movers?

A: No, an estimate is nothing more than an estimate.  There is no obligation to use D.W. Ewing Movers for your move.  If you do decide to use us though, we guarantee that you will not have to pay more than the amount on the estimate, as long as no changes are made.